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About DHK Creations.

DHK Creations was founded in 2011 after my youngest daughter was born early and spent some time in NICU. It took a couple of weeks for her to be big enough to come home but when she did, I decided to sleep in the girls' room with them for a while. Her big sister and I were talking one night about some dreams we had for the future and I fell asleep looking at the tiara that was painted on the girls' wall. The logo that you see today, along with the name of this business, was inspired by a dream I had that night! I woke up the next morning, drew out the design, got it created and here we are. 

Fast forward to today and that tiny but mighty little baby girl is a big 10 year old and her big sister and I are co-owners of DHK Creations,  however, we have evolved so much over the years and we are excited to finally announce the addition of our publishing company!

We are now called officially:

DHK Creations & Publications, LLC

Web Design, Marketing/Social Media Management, & Book Publishing Services Are Available! For Questions, Contact Us!


How did DHK Creations & Publications Come About?

Elizabeth Mae Wolfram began writing when she was only 6. She has inspired me over the years to write and create as well. We didn't know at the time but writing can be very healing for those that have endured traumatic experiences. We have enjoyed writing together and she is the published author of a Christian NA dystopian novel, "Collector: The Chronicles of Imperialis - Book I" (Available on Amazon + Barnes & Noble.)

One day our youngest little boy walked into the kitchen with all of his stuffed animals and his big sister, Elizabeth Mae Wolfram said, "Mom, we should write a book about him and his animals one day!" I said, "Let's do that - let's start today." This book was written in 2 days - yes, seriously. We were connected through Elizabeth Mae Wolfram's author friend to an illustrator named Marcella Glenn and this first children's book was created. It is available on Barnes & Noble and by contacting DHK Creations & Publications, LLC!

After researching publishing companies and seeing how well we all worked together as a team - we decided, "let's start our own publishing company and help others create professional quality books without breaking the bank!"

Thus, Our publishing company was born!

This gives us a way to give back, help others and continue doing what we love to do along the way as far as marketing, website creation and teaching intro to SEO for clients that are wanting to create or grow their businesses as well. 

Welcome to DHK Creations & Publications, LLC

Our Family Business

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Elizabeth Mae Wolfram

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