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Here, you can find all of the books we have published so far, ranging from children's books to new adult fiction to inspirational non-fiction! 

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"By Day & Night"

By Kari Elizabeth W. & Elizabeth Mae Wolfram

Would you like to sail the vast ocean on your own pirate ship or blast off into space to see the moon?

This book takes you on those adventures (and more) with a spontaneous crew of a little boy's best friends.

Whether a daytime adventure or a sweet bedtime story, this book can help kids stay kids and help adults find their inner-child again, too!

By Day And Night brings adventure, excitement, and comfort through the bright days and the quiet nights for many generations to come!


"Collector: The Chronicles of Imperialis Series"

Elizabeth Mae Wolfram

What is One Person Against The Dangerous

Traditions that Refuse to Die?

Fueled by the deaths of those killed in the recent Valence Fires, seventeen-year-old Haylen Alter ignores her parents' objections and joins the Guardians of Civilian Affairs agency. There, interning as a Collector, she is trained to hunt the elusive terrorists that have polluted her country since its very inception... and destroy all remnants of their existence.


But every new assignment unravels a painful truth. Now intrigued by the entries of a terrorist’s journal, she realizes there is more to the GCA’s mission than they dare let on… and more to her father’s past than he’s willing to tell. Suddenly, Haylen finds herself walking a thin line between becoming a Collector and becoming the enemy she vowed to fight. As her beliefs crumble and her allegiance is tested, one burning question remains:

Could One Person Truly Change It All?


"Remarkable: Life Vol. 1"

By Pernell Hill and Jason Hall

Discover How To Walk In Your Remarkable!


Within these pages, you’ll learn and grow with tools needed to overcome the hindrances and setbacks standing in the way of you fulfilling your potential and reaching the apex of your calling and purpose. Remarkable Volume 1. Life Edition reveals valuable insight for anyone desiring to reach their goals. You will be amazed at what you will gain because of this read. Every point of emphasis leads you into treasures of information, to help you fulfill your remarkable purpose. Hill & Hall really desire to help you see your purpose fulfilled. They believe this book will help you accomplish that.


“Remarkable dreams require remarkable people to live them out. Now let’s go get it!”


"Finding My Way Back To Me"

By Stephanie Hill

Within these pages, you'll read how that when one is blinded by love, you can miss and dismiss things that would end up being physically and emotionally harmful. But when you recognize it, it's important to begin taking steps to free yourself.

Finding My Way Back To Me reveals a journey of suffering with abuse. This book is written to inspire and ignite those who has suffered, in one way or another with abuse. This book will encourage them to remember how valuable they are. This is a woman's journey of how she overcame, now she wants to share it with you.


"Don't Fall For It"

By Lisa Dee Dunnam

Lisa Dunnam is not a renowned author. She’s someone who lives a quiet life in a rural region of West Texas. In her only book she will probably ever write, she takes the reader on a walk down memory lane to illustrate several decades of her life where she was trapped in the sins that many women struggle with - abuse, abortion, addiction and adultery. Her low self-esteem and lost sense of identity were rooted in lies she believed about herself that began in her childhood. These lies were from a source much deeper than she realized. She claims, “Satan’s biggest trick is to whisper lies to us when we are young and vulnerable that shape our self-image and derail our destiny.” Lisa gives blatant details of the pits she was pushed in, lured in, and even jumped in herself.

“When I look back on the past 63 years of my life, I see how God never took His eyes off me even in every dark situation I put myself in. There were many bad decisions, causing me to have to lie in the bed I made for myself. But, with each season of these trials, our merciful, loving and patient Father still clung to my side, pursuing me unknowingly, until I finally awoke to a new day of free living in total surrender to Jesus. Those seasons lasted for decades but God is long-suffering, and He never goes back on His promises.If you are someone who struggles with guilt and shame from decisions you have made in desperation – or you are still in that pit of despair - desperately looking to be loved, let’s be friends. Take this book and read my mail. It is my prayer that my story will help you see that you are already PERFECTLY LOVED! There is hope for tomorrow in Jesus Christ. I’m living proof of what the mercy of God can do!”~Lisa Dee Dunnam, Author

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