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What a Great Way to Bring Back Family Movie Nights by Skipping the "Bleep" Out of Whatever You Don't Want to See!

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Over the Last Few Years Especially - Emotional Support Animals Have Become an Increasingly Necessary Part of Many Lives! Learn More Information Here to See Everything They Offer!

They are Accredited Through the Better Business Bureau.

Award Winning Homeschool Resources and K-12 Curriculum

So Many Options to Choose From!

This is Great for Homeschooling Families or Supplementing Along With Public School as an Additional Resource!



We have personally read this book and it is by far the most impactful book we've both ever read. 

She feels passionate too about helping others find and use their voice! 

(Disclaimer - Trigger warning, though portrayed as tasteful as possible, for sexual, physical and domestic abuse with slight use of cursing on a couple of occasions. There is a list provided at the beginning of the book for the pages where the most detailed events occurred so readers may skip).

Jessica Willis Fisher had always wanted to be an author and her voice had been taken from her (and her mother and siblings) at a young age, even though they were portrayed on a TV show and as a musical family as having the dream life. Behind closed doors they suffered 'unspeakable' events that began as small children at the hands of the man they called their father - who is now imprisoned after pleading guilty. This is a story, a testimony, of bravery, determination, a true love story between Jessica and her now husband Sean Fisher, and a journey that so many face in their own lives - most of the time silently. Today, the children are much older, they are safe, they are moving forward with their mother as their biggest support system. We are proud of you all. 

This book was "impactful beyond words."

It is best absorbed with her CD - that she wrote all of as well.

Click on photo to purchase a signed CD

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